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Even though renting in the Netherlands offers flexibility and certain rights, buying a property is considered a good financial investment. The house should be located in a well-maintained community with nearby schools, hospitals, police stations, fire stations, public libraries, gasoline stations and recreational facilities such as shopping centers and theaters. First, the demand in those big cities is already factored in the price of the houses and indeed this is why a house in Rome, Paris, etc is more expensive then in other cities. Furniture can cost a fortune and if a house is unfurnished, then maybe you need to consider revising your budget.Buying a House

If one of you dreams of retirement days spent volunteering and having the grandkids visit the house constantly while the other wants to travel the world, you will likely be looking at very different types of houses. Buying a house is currently more attractive than renting one but this trend could change within the next months as interest rates go up and the cost of borrowing increases.Buying a House

While we were looking at the house, our realtor told us about a rehab loan we could possibly do where we would buy the house as-is then finance the cost to fix it up. It’s also worth doing a video walkthrough of the house so you can see how rooms connect and the general flow of the house. Conveyancing’s the legal process that transfers property from one person to another.

The final decision of who to sell to is usually based on the value of the offers and the circumstances of the buyers (whether they are cash buyers, chain-free). You can find homes for sale on your own, but a good broker can help you make sound decisions and guide you through the home buying process. If you’re considering bidding, go to a couple of auctions first to get a feel for the process. For one month save all your cash and sales receipts for an enlightening experience.Buying a House

When inspecting a property, take along a checklist and camera and keep a record of places you’ve visited. Make sure that you don’t think that it is only how much the house costs that will determine your monthly payment. You can keep track of the houses that you are visiting by taking pictures, writing down descriptions and rating each house. The fact is, you don’t have a lot of control over your neighbors, and you can’t pick up and move your dream house away from apartment buildings, shopping centers, or busy traffic thoroughfares.

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