3 Pieces of Important Plumbing Advice for Homeowners

Whether you’re buying or selling property, you’ll want to ensure that it’s fit for purpose and in the best condition possible. You’ll know to check the locks and security devices, and to look for signs of wear and tear and mold, and how important the aesthetic appeal of the building is, but there’s something that’s even more important than that – the plumbing system. Life can soon become unpleasant if the plumbing and sewage systems aren’t in perfect working order, so here are three pieces of plumbing advice which are essentially important in the world of real estate.

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1. Never Ignore a Drip

If your faucets are dripping, the constant drumming noise it produces can seem much louder than it really is. It can quickly become irritating, but it can actually become much worse than that. Think of a dripping faucet like pain in the body, it’s there as an indicator that something is wrong and that remedial action needs to be taken. The problem could be as simple as a perished washer, a quick and painless fix, but it could be a sign of a damaged cartridge, abnormally high water pressure, or a broken pipe. If this is the cause, it can lead to a leak occurring at a later time which can be costly to repair, so never ignore what your faucet is telling you.

2. Keep Your Plumbing Vents in Good Condition

Plumbing vents are one of the most essential parts of your whole water and sewage system, as they regulate air pressure within the system and safely release sewage gases. You can see, then, how important it is to ensure that your plumbing vents are in good condition, which is why it makes sense to have annual checks carried out by professional plumbing engineers. The main causes of plumbing vent problems are a buildup of sludge and other materials, and frozen pipes, so look out for standing or slow draining water, gurgling sounds or strange odors; if you spot any of these signs, call the plumbers in.

3. Make Your Plumbing as Energy Efficient as Possible

We can see the increasing, and often catastrophic, effects of climate change all around us, and so the time to reduce our carbon footprint is now. You may already be taking action to regulate or reduce your power usage, but you should also ensure that your plumbing is as green as possible. Water saving toilets are becoming increasingly popular, as are low flow showers. They can reduce the amount of water used by up to 70%, which is great news for your water bills and even better news for the environment. For new build properties you should always opt for energy efficient boilers.

A home’s plumbing system can make a big difference to the energy it consumes. When a property has a greener plumbing supply, perfectly functioning faucets and plumbing vents that are in ideal condition, it’s reassuring to homeowners and to potential buyers. Remember, if you think you have a developing problem with your sewage system or water supply, don’t delay, phone an expert plumber and take remedial action as soon as possible.