Preserving the Past Without Stopping Progress

Everyone wants their city to be filled with career opportunities, things to do and places to live. Unfortunately, modern expansion in the past has meant the elimination of a lot of historic neighborhoods. They are often replaced with buildings that lack the same charm and visual appeal as what was there before they arrived. Stopping progress restricts prosperity so it has been allowed to happen but many have wished that there was another option. Luckily, there are alternatives that do not involve destroying the past.

Preserving the Past

Why are historic buildings so important? Not every old commercial building or residence has a notable past. Most, however, have amazing architectural details. Expansive windows, ornate trim and solid doors on the interior and exterior are just some of the almost endless features they offer. Why should these stunning pieces of craftsmanship be ripped away and hauled to a landfill? There are ways to have progress while maintaining everything that makes antique buildings special.

Combining the Eras

Modernizing historic buildings is about more than adding another layer of wallpaper and fishing new electrical lines through the walls. This is about a top to bottom restoration that replaces all plumbing and electrical with safe, modern options. Making certain the layout works for a modern lifestyle and business needs without sacrificing what makes the space appealing. Historic components are restored and protected and the neighborhoods get to keep their charm.

Enjoying the Result

When searching for Apartment Rentals Saint John residents have the opportunity to choose a traditional residence or deciding to enjoy something unique and exciting. Most renters have only sterile, cookie cutter apartment complexes available to them. Historic renovations are making it possible for everyone to find something that feels like it was built just for them.

Companies like Historica are doing more than providing accommodations. They are preserving the history of Saint John and making it possible for future generations to have a glimpse of the past in the real world and not just in old photographs. At the same time, they are beautifying the city and increasing its appeal to people and companies that are looking for a place to relocate.